Fozy app is the all in one designers stamp collections. Enjoy absolutely free set of cool, hip, new and one of a kind stamps to decorate your photo. Bring out the most creative as you are the best creator!



1. Sticker Images
Quantity : 16 - 40
Format : PNG (with transparent background)
Size : W 740 x H 640 Pixel

1. A resolution of each image should be 72dpi and above
RGB color mode are recommended.
The maximum file size for each image is 1MB.

2. Each file name must not be contain space and special characters.

3. Compressing all image files into one ZIP file (Not RAR file)
,please ensure that the size of the ZIP file is less than 20MB.

2. Thumbnail
Format : PNG
Size : 240 x 240 Pixel

3. Information
Name of collection : 1-25 Character
Description : 1-250 Character
Name of designer : 1-30 Character

Review guidelines

Your designs will be reviewed and approved by FOZY review process. The designs which match the below listed guidelines will be rejected.

1. The design which promote criminal activity, violence, child abuse, torture people or animal, gambling, cleavage, conflict

2. The design which depict excessive drinking or illegal substance abuse, alcohol, tobacco consumption for underage users, also pornography

3. The design which may slander, injure, attack the reputation of person, nationality, group

4. The design which disclose or could potentially disclose personal or third party information

5. The design which display overly offensive or crass images

6. The design which may potentially attack a religion, culture, people group, or nationality

7. The design which designed to confuse or make the user hate them

8. The design which designed to obtain the user’s password or other private user data

9. The design which otherwise depict antisocial elements that could cause discomfort to the user

10.The design which cross the boundaries of private use and are designed to provide some benefit to the third party either free or for compensation, i.e. corporate advertising campaign that gives away stickers to users that visit their stores

11.The design which contain references to other similar services, or related characters

12.The design which designed for business advertisement, i.e. stickers that feature an app or service

13.The design which designed to collect donations for charity

14.The design which do not adhere to the laws of the regions in which they are being distributed

15.The design which infringe on trademarks, copyrights, or patents held by third parties, or violate the conditions of third parties included in the images

16.The design which make use of copyrights that lack a clear owner, such as fan fiction

17.The design which protected by the right of portrait, such as people’s faces or caricatures

18.The design which make use of material without proven permission from the copyright owner

19.The design which disrupt disgrace to nation, religious, and king of Thailand

20.The design which not suitable for photo decoration

*The decision of FOZY staff is final.